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The Idle Heroes tier list is a valuable resource for both new and experienced players, guiding them through the game's vast roster of characters.
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Mar 15, 2024
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The Idle Heroes tier list is a valuable resource for both new and experienced players, guiding them through the game’s vast roster of characters. It categorizes heroes based on their effectiveness in various game modes, such as PvP (Player vs Player) battles, PvE (Player vs Environment) challenges, and more.

The tier list evolves over time, reflecting game updates, new hero releases, and community feedback. For instance, resources like the IdleHeroes Wiki offer a faction-divided tier list, helping players to build balanced teams by understanding which heroes excel within their factions.

Additionally, video content creators regularly update tier lists, providing visual optimizations and insights into the current meta, as seen in YouTube guides and tier list updates for specific hero categories like Transcendence Heroes as of December 2024. These tier lists are crucial for planning strategies, optimizing hero line-ups, and maximizing one’s progress and success in Idle Heroes.

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Idle Heroes Tier List

Lord of Fear - Aspen Hero Icon Idle HeroesLord of Fear – AspenS+TranscendenceWarrior
Therapist of Blood - Betty Hero Icon Idle HeroesTherapist of Blood – BettyS+TranscendenceMage
Doom Terminator Vulcan Hero Icon Idle HeroesDoom Terminator – VulcanS+TranscendenceWarrior
Star Swordsman - Mockman Hero Icon Idle HeroesStar Swordsman – MockmanSTranscendenceWarrior
Scarlet Queen - Halora Hero Icon Idle HeroesScarlet Queen – HaloraSTranscendenceRanger
Hyperspace Hunter Aylamak Hero Icon Idle HeroesHyperspace Hunter – AylamakSTranscendenceWarrior
Doppelganger - Natalia Hero Icon Idle HeroesDoppelganger – NataliaATranscendenceRanger
Fairy Queen - Vesa Hero Icon Idle HeroesFairy Queen – VesaATranscendencePriest
Phantom Defier - Elena Hero Icon Idle HeroesPhantom Defier – ElenaATranscendencePriest
Star Alchemist - Holmes Young Hero Icon Idle HeroesStar Alchemist Holmes YoungATranscendenceMage
Mystic Fairy - Freya Hero Icon Idle HeroesMystic Fairy – FreyaATranscendenceRanger
Star Wing - Jahra Hero Icon Idle HeroesStar Wing – JahraATranscendenceMage
Mutated Fungus - Geester Hero Icon Idle HeroesMutated Fungus – GeesterBTranscendenceAssassin
Asmodel the Dauntless Hero Icon Idle HeroesAsmodel the DauntlessBTranscendenceWarrior
Chaosbound Spirit - Gaggie Hero Icon Idle HeroesChaosbound Spirit – GaggieBTranscendenceWarrior
The Sun Devourer - Eos Hero Icon Idle HeroesThe Sun Devourer – EosBTranscendenceMage
Bloodtide Queen Aranea Hero Icon Idle HeroesBloodtide Queen – AraneaBTranscendencePriest
Sword Flash - Xia Hero Icon Idle HeroesSword Flash – XiaBTranscendenceAssassin
Rogan Hero Icon Idle HeroesRoganBForestAssassin
Drake Hero Icon Idle HeroesDrakeBDarkAssassin
Xiahou Hero Icon Idle Heroes2x XiahouBForestWarrior
Carrie Hero Icon Idle HeroesCarrieBDarkRanger
Eloise Hero Icon Idle HeroesEloiseBShadowRanger
Amen-Ra Hero Icon Idle HeroesAmen-RaBDarkPriest
Holmes Young Hero Icon Idle HeroesHolmes YoungBFortressMage
Freya Hero Icon Idle HeroesFreyaBForestRanger
Ignis Hero Icon Idle HeroesIgnisBAbyssPriest
Lord of Death - Azrael Hero Icon Idle HeroesLord of Death – AzraelBTranscendenceAssassin
Andrea Hero Icon Idle HeroesAndreaBLightPriest
Elyvia Hero Icon Idle HeroesElyviaBForestPriest
Waldeck Hero Icon Idle HeroesWaldeckBAbyssRanger
Inosuke Hero Icon Idle HeroesInosukeBFortressRanger
Tix Hero Icon Idle HeroesTixBShadowMage
Eos Hero Icon Idle HeroesEosBLightMage
Aspen Hero Icon Idle HeroesAspenBDarkWarrior
Russell Hero Icon Idle HeroesRussellCLightRanger
Ithaqua Hero Icon Idle HeroesIthaquaCShadowAssassin
Fiona Hero Icon Idle HeroesFionaCFortressPriest
Penny Hero Icon Idle HeroesPennyCFortressRanger
Delacium Hero Icon Idle HeroesDelaciumCAbyssMage
Garuda Hero Icon Idle HeroesGarudaCForestWarrior
Sherlock Hero Icon Idle HeroesSherlockCFortressMage
Morax Hero Icon Idle HeroesMoraxCAbyssWarrior
Aida Hero Icon Idle HeroesAidaCLightMage
Natasha Hero Icon Idle HeroesNatashaCAbyssAssassin
Kroos Hero Icon Idle HeroesKroosDAbyssPriest
Flora Hero Icon Idle HeroesFloraDForestRanger
Annabelle Hero Icon Idle HeroesAnnabelleDShadowPriest
Gloria Hero Icon Idle HeroesGloriaDForestMage
Valentino Hero Icon Idle HeroesValentinoDFortressMage
Belrain Hero Icon Idle HeroesBelrainDLightPriest
Heart Watcher Hero Icon Idle HeroesHeart WatcherDForestAssassin
Gustin Hero Icon Idle HeroesGustinDShadowPriest
Cthugha Hero Icon Idle HeroesCthughaDAbyssRanger
Horus Hero Icon Idle HeroesHorusDShadowWarrior
Michelle Hero Icon Idle HeroesMichelleDLightRanger
Phorcys Hero Icon Idle HeroesPhorcysFDarkMage
UniMax-3000 Hero Icon Idle HeroesUniMax-3000FFortressWarrior
Faith Blade Hero Icon Idle HeroesFaith BladeFLightAssassin
Onkirimaru Hero Icon Idle HeroesOnkirimaruFShadowWarrior
Saja Hero Icon Idle HeroesSajaFFortressAssassin
Tussilago Hero Icon Idle HeroesTussilagoFLightAssassin
Nakia Hero Icon Idle HeroesNakiaFAbyssAssassin
Xia Hero Icon Idle HeroesXiaFFortressAssassin
Tara Hero Icon Idle HeroesTaraFLightWarrior
Jahra Hero Icon Idle HeroesJahraFShadowMage
Oberon Hero Icon Idle HeroesOberonFForestMage
Amuvor Hero Icon Idle HeroesAmuvorFDarkAssassin
King Barton Hero Icon Idle HeroesKing BartonFAbyssWarrior
Mihm Hero Icon Idle HeroesMihmFDarkMage
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