Candy Crush Old Version Free Download (Unlimited Moves) 2024

Candy Crush Old Version, a highly popular match-three puzzle game, was developed by King and released in 2012. This game, with its colorful and engaging design, quickly captivated players around the world.
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Jan 30, 2024
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Candy Crush, a highly popular match-three puzzle game, was developed by King and released in 2012. This game, with its colorful and engaging design, quickly captivated players around the world. Candy Crush Old Version offers a simple yet addictive gameplay where players swap colored candies on a grid to make a match of three or more of the same candies.

These matches then disappear, and new candies fall from the top to fill the gaps. The game progresses through various levels, each with its unique challenges and objectives, such as reaching a certain score or clearing specific types of candies.

Power-ups and special candies, like striped candies, wrapped candies, and color bombs, add an extra layer of strategy and excitement. The old version of Candy Crush was known for its charming graphics, catchy soundtrack, and a sense of progression as players moved through different levels and episodes. Its popularity led to numerous sequels and spin-offs, cementing its status as a cultural phenomenon in the world of mobile gaming.

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Features of Candy Crush Old Version

Here are teh features of the app.

1. Basic Gameplay Mechanics

The core gameplay of Candy Crush Saga involves matching three or more identical candies in a row or column. Players swap adjacent candies to create these matches, which then disappear, allowing new candies to fall into place.

2. Level Progression

Players progress through a series of levels, each with unique objectives, such as achieving a certain score, clearing jelly squares, or collecting specific types of candies. Levels become increasingly challenging as players advance.

3. Special Candies

Matching more than three candies can create special candies, each with unique abilities. For example, a striped candy clears an entire row or column, while a wrapped candy clears nearby candies in a large explosion.

4. Combining Special Candies

Combining two special candies triggers powerful effects. For instance, mixing a striped candy with a wrapped candy creates a giant candy that clears multiple rows and columns.

5. Limited Moves

Each level has a limited number of moves. Players must achieve the level’s objectives within these moves to progress. Running out of moves results in a failed level, requiring a retry.

6. Lives System

Players have a finite number of lives. Failing a level costs one life, and lives regenerate over time. This system encourages strategic gameplay and sometimes waiting for lives to replenish.

7. Boosters and Power-ups

Players can use various boosters and power-ups to overcome difficult levels. These include extra moves, special candies, and other helpful tools. Some boosters are earned in-game, while others can be purchased.

8. Social Integration

Candy Crush Saga integrates with social media, allowing players to compete with friends, share gifts, and progress through a communal map. This social aspect adds a competitive and cooperative element to the game.

Candy Crush Old vs New Version

  1. Graphics and Design: The old version of Candy Crush features simpler, more basic graphics, while the newer version boasts enhanced, high-definition graphics and more detailed animations. This upgrade provides a more visually appealing and immersive experience.
  2. Level Variety and Complexity: While the old version had a substantial number of levels, the new version has added hundreds more, with increased complexity and variety in level design. Newer levels include unique challenges and objectives not found in the older version.
  3. Power-Ups and Boosters: The newer version of Candy Crush introduces a wider range of power-ups and boosters, offering more strategies to overcome challenging levels. These new additions provide players with more options and tactics to use during gameplay.
  4. Social Features: The integration with social media and the ability to compete against friends have been enhanced in the new version. It offers more ways to connect with other players, share progress, and compete on leaderboards.
  5. In-Game Events and Challenges: The new version of Candy Crush frequently introduces temporary in-game events and special challenges, providing fresh content and keeping the game exciting for long-term players. These events often come with unique rewards and special gameplay mechanics.

How to Download

To download an old version of Candy Crush Saga, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Reliable Source: Visit a trusted website that offers APK downloads of older versions of Candy Crush Saga. Sites like and some others provide access to a variety of previous versions of the game.
  2. Select the Desired Version: Browse through the list of available old versions and select the one you wish to download. Make sure to choose a version compatible with your device’s Android version.
  3. Download the APK File: Click on the download link for the selected version to download the APK file to your device.
  4. Enable Installation from Unknown Sources: Before installing the APK, you may need to enable installation from unknown sources in your device’s settings. This is usually found under the “Security” or “Privacy” settings.
  5. Install the Game: Once the APK file is downloaded, open it to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  6. Open and Play: After the installation is complete, open Candy Crush Saga and enjoy playing the older version of the game.

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Candy Crush Saga, developed by King, is a phenomenally successful match-three puzzle game that has captivated millions worldwide. Released in 2012, it’s available on various platforms, including mobile devices and web browsers. The game’s primary objective is to match three or more candies of the same type to clear them from the board and achieve specific goals within a limited number of moves.

The old version of Candy Crush Saga was known for its simpler, yet addictive gameplay, featuring hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty and various objectives. Players could create special candies by matching more than three candies, which triggered unique effects. The game also incorporated a lives system, limiting the number of attempts and adding a strategic element.

Over time, Candy Crush Saga has evolved, introducing enhanced graphics, new levels, special events, and additional features like social integration and various power-ups. Despite these changes, the core addictive gameplay remains, continuing to charm a global audience.

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